Happy Holidays: Carin, Natasha, and Catrina


Hi there! I am Carin, your holiday Mom, welcome to our family.  We hope you can feel the welcome even though it’s virtual!

We are a patchwork quilt family which means we come from many different biological units and we have chosen to be together as a family. We are a tight-knit group and we tend to know what is going on in each other’s lives so that we can always support each other. This is where you come in, while we can’t be together physically, we are happy to add your patch to our family quilt. Each patch, each unique and wonderful person that is added to our family quilt is what makes it beautiful. The connections made and the appreciation and respect for each other’s differences are what makes it, and us, strong.Our family enjoys having meals together and sharing laughter and foolishness. It can make for a chaotic household at times but if you let the love and laughter fill your heart it carries you through many days of quiet.

We are a family that values physical contact. It is not unusual to see the girls brushing each other’s hair or coming over to get a quick hug and snuggle. It really is good for the soul to get a moment of peace when you have that physical contact. This may be a virtual visit, but consider yourself hugged warmly.

If you enjoy cooking I am always happy to have an extra set of hands in the kitchen, or if you just want to sneak a snack, there are Christmas cookies in the container on the table. Imagine helping yourself.

I think Tasha and Catrina would like to have a quick chat in the living room.  Here, let’s imagine more! Have a warm drink, grab some cookies before the girls see them, and head in there.

“Oh Mom made cookies! Hi! I’m Natasha, and welcome, we have a game going on and we would love to have you. We are a gaming family and we play video games, card games, board games, you name it, we play it. Mom likes to make sure we play together and if you like to play too we will have lots to talk about.  We are also into crafts, art and reading so if you want to make chain mail jewelry with Catrina or knit with Mom or draw with me we have lots of supplies. Or, if it’s a good story you’re looking for you can pick a book off the shelf curl up on the couch and read!  Oh, it smells like Mom’s making coffee! Excuse me I am going to go get some….”

“Oh, whatcha drinking? Good choice! I’ll have to grab one too; I’m Catrina by the way. I’m so happy to have you here for our holidays! Come check out our tree. I know it doesn’t look as organized as other people’s trees but we are not as organized as other people anyway. You see each year everyone in the family gets a new ornament to put on the tree. It can be handmade or store-bought, as long as it speaks to you, somehow it doesn’t matter to where it comes from. This one is mine from last year. Oh, and here is Tasha’s.  I am so excited for you to put yours up, I know it is after Christmas but all family members get their ornaments on the tree and it just wouldn’t be finished till yours is up there! Oh by the way, keep an eye open at all times, sometimes Nerf wars can break out. The Nerf darts are on the shelf so if someone tries to ambush you make sure to be prepared!”

“Cat, you may want to get some cookies before Tasha hides them on you again…,” imagine you hear me calling.   I want to thank you for spending time with us today; you truly are a beautiful and unique addition to our patchwork quilt.

Happy Holidays to you from Carin, Natasha and Catrina.




  1. Emma says:

    It’s not super close to any holidays right now for me but I love going back and reading theses letter and smiling as I feel loved by a family. I would love to play some games (even though I’m not the best ha ha) I would definitely take a cookie to eat while I read or draw if I was there. Thank you for writing to us and help make us feel loved.

  2. Liz Fellman says:

    I love this and wish I lived closer to you all. One of these days I am going to get up there for those cookies and coffee. I would love to be a patch in the quilt of your family 🙂

  3. Shamama says:

    I love this, I feel the warm hug across the miles. What fun. Can I bring dominos? It is the only game I know how to play!

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