Happy Holidays: Bianca


Welcome to our home, virtually speaking! You are officially apart of the clan, now.  Imagine meeting Mom, Dad, and your new sisters, Katya, Sabrina and me! Oh and of course, our three dogs, an overweight yorkie named Molly, a poodle named Chip and our yellow lovebird, Yogurt. I was one of three, but I am so excited to be one of four, now. I’ve been considering what we should do first. Since mom is catholic and dad is Jewish, our house is chalk full of traditions. We can play dreidel, or we can set up the tree. You can choose.

Mom is making chocolate chip cookies. You have to try them, even if only in your imagination, they are so great. I really do think she makes the best cookies I have ever tried, and I’ve surely tried them all. Don’t forget to write a Christmas letter. In our house we have a tradition that every Christmas we write a letter to each immediate member of the family. On Christmas morning, we each read our letters before we open any gifts. When we were younger, the gifts were what we were most excited for, but now that we’re older, the letters are what we really look forward to. They are a way of celebrating how much we love each other. I am very excited to write your letter. And I am very excited to hear the ones you will write!

My other favorite holiday tradition is watching endless Christmas movies. Mom’s favorite is The Santa Clause and White Christmas. Dad’s favorite is What a Wonderful Life. I think Sabrina’s favorite is Elf, and Katya’s is the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. In fact, Katya often breaks out into songs from the Muppet’s Christmas Carol, winter or summer. My favorite is a tossup. I like The Family Stone very much, but I also LOVE The Year Without Santa. What’s your favorite?

We don’t get snow here, but maybe we can go shopping or to the movies. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I have one last thing to get, for dad. He really loves video games and I think the PlayStation 4 is in his future… I haven’t decided yet. Gifts aren’t the biggest deal in our house, but video games are! Since dad loves to game, we’ve been raised on everything before and after the NES, Nintendo or otherwise. Personally, my favorite is N64 and the Gamecube.  Christmas is always great because since there is no school, we have plenty of time to play video games. Sabrina and I are still trying to beat the Ocarina of Time. I think you might be some help.

Christmas and Hanukkah in our house are always full of laughs and games and delicious food. You will light the menorah to celebrate Hanukkah and then try seven different fish on Christmas, because mom is Italian. You may even get to meet Nonna, our grandmother. She can be loud, but she is the sweetest little old woman you will ever meet- plus, she will feed you until you explode.

After all the festivities, though, when everyone is asleep, maybe you can sneak out of bed with me and sit under the Christmas tree. Its lights are most beautiful at night, especially in the silence.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us! Thank you so much for choosing our family. 


Your holiday sister,



  1. Abbey says:

    Wow, with my sister excluding me from her house her kids and her tradition around this time of year because of my girlfriend this felt really good that you just said yeah sure its cool come join us
    I’ve read a few of these letters and none felt as personal as yours. Thank you.

  2. Trans Mom says:

    What a wonderful mix of holiday traditions! Thank you for sharing your holiday celebrations with us.

  3. Sonia says:

    I enjoyed reading this mostly because your family sounds really nice. It’s just me and my mom right now and holidays have never really been all the important. My sister has been the most like a parent to me sharing in my interests such as video games. I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time probably 20 something times and I’ve played probably every game I’ve seen in a video rental store since I was born. I got the PS4 and it’s definitely worth it I’m waiting for the new metal gear games. On LBTQ stuff I can’t really come out to my family members as genderfluid my family members have always thought of things like that as funny and I’ve only recently learned how to comfortably label myself. It feels good to be able to make friends and tell them once I’ve come to trust them it’s something I can confide in people and feel closer with them over. Have a happy holidays.

  4. Toby says:

    Thank you so much, this sounds amazing and so loving that I might’ve teared up a little. I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time about three or four times, so I’ll be happy to help. =)

  5. Mat says:

    This sounds like a holiday I’d enjoy – Chanukkah and Christmas and MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL! Katya and I agree – best Christmas movie EVER. I’m currently watching Netflix on my PS3, and my adoptive father (who, sadly, is part of the problem when it comes to family relations for me) is Italian and I’m used to that. I think I would settle in just fine.

    My wife would spend a lot of time in the bedroom – or the office if you had one to spare for her. She’s super introverted, but she’ll love you anyway. And I’ll get right in the middle of everything and eat lots of food and play video games badly and it’ll be amazing and fantastic.

    Happy Christmas. :3

  6. Jenn says:

    Thank you Bianca, your letter makes me smile big…I remember the “Feast of the 7 Fishes” from my family tradition too. I don’t know who the Ocarina of Time is, but I can easily visualize the love and laughter accompanying game time. HUGS to you!

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