Happy Holidays: Carin, Natasha, and Catrina


Hi there! I am Carin, your holiday Mom, welcome to our family.  We hope you can feel the welcome even though it’s virtual!

We are a patchwork quilt family which means we come from many different biological units and we have chosen to be together as a family. We are a tight-knit group and we tend to know what is going on in each other’s lives so that we can always support each other. This is where you come in, while we can’t be together physically, we are happy to add your patch to our family quilt. Each patch, each unique and wonderful person that is added to our family quilt is what makes it beautiful. The connections made and the appreciation and respect for each other’s differences are what makes it, and us, strong. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Sue


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Dear Holiday Child:

I have a gift for you dear one. It’s a reminder that you are without a doubt in the world, a loveable human being who deserves to be treated as such. You deserve the love of others and you deserve to love yourself!  I don’t presume for one minute to have walked in your shoes.  I know, as LGBTQ you find that some people have a hard time accepting you but I accept you as you are.  During this season you may find yourself alone but I want to assure you I’m thinking of you with love. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Ann

Ann1Dearest Child,

I am imagining you joining in with my family and me to celebrate the holiday. When you come in out of the snow, there is the fragrant smell of our Christmas tree! The lights are brightly lit, and we all help finish trimming the tree. When the star is set on the top, it’s beautiful! Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mama P

snowflakeListen to the audio recording of this message.

Hi Sweetheart,

I’m so glad we found each other here. Consider this letter a holiday invitation to my virtual home. I’m excited to share my holiday traditions with you! I love things that smell spicy and earthy like holiday candles and simmering cloves and cinnamon. When you walk through my front door you’ll be bathed in the fragrance and some twinkle light on a ceramic Christmas tree that was made by my grandmother. I’ll hold you in my arms and welcome you until you think it’s silly that I’m still holding you. I do that with my other grown children too.   They are my gorgeous biracial son and daughter. By the way, I hope you like board games. On the holidays we like to play scrabble or catch phrase. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Katie

KatieListen to the audio recording of this message.

Hello, Love Bug!

My very open and loving grandfather used to refer to us as Love Bugs, and I wish to extend that endearment to you.  LGBTQ?  We don’t care what letter of the alphabet.  You are more than welcome into our hearts and virtual home!  You had better watch out, though, there is a good chance my 8 and 6-year-olds will want to pounce all over you as they love visitors!   Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mama Christina


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Dear Holy (Everyday) Child,

You are welcome, just as you are, right now, into the very center of my heart and my home.  Please, come in even though it’s only virtual. Perhaps you feel a little awkward, maybe even a little scared, I do.  First meetings are delicate.  You think you don’t know me, but I am a mother and the mother I am longs to give you a heartwarming, soul-filling hug. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Christine


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Beautiful One…Yes, you! You are so beautiful!

If I could I open the doors to my home to you at this very moment I would. However, we may never meet in person, so please allow me to open my heart fully to you in this moment.

Let’s imagine, you and I, that we are together and it’s Christmas Eve. I hope you like noise and a French bulldog that jumps a lot! I’m a mom and a wife. I have two children, Cheyenne who is 18 and a senior this year, and Athan who is 11. My husband, George, is Greek and quite vocal. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Manni

ManniMy dear,

I open my virtual door to you and welcome you in from the bitter frost that makes your nose red, eyes water and breathe smoke from your mouth. Come, hurry, let me take your coat, scarf and gloves so you can warm your hands by the fire. Ah, doesn’t that feel better, now you can feel your toes and hands, the warmth from the flames spreading all over your body.
Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Mom Kari


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Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m writing to you with love, with an invitation to come into my virtual home.  Please come in and imagine being in the warmth within.  We embrace you upon entering and are so happy to share our holidays with you.  Our family is quite relaxed, and though the holidays can be filled with such expectations, in my home we are only concerned about being together and enjoying each other.  We are a small family, my 4-year-old daughter, my husband, 2 cats and I, but we don’t lack enthusiasm for this time of year.   Continue reading