Your Holiday Mom: Sister Bethany

Hey honey! Take off your coat, its freezing out there! How have you been? Good? Not so good? Well if so just kick your feet up and remember to put one foot in front of the other. I myself have been better, but the holidays have always made it sparkle. During this season, my family and I always bake over a thousand sugar cookies. And decorate them all, give them to neighbors, friends, family. It was so fun last year; we had just moved into a house with the tiniest kitchen you have ever seen! Try making cookies in a one butt kitchen, it is very difficult. As I go off on a rant about baking our corgi jumps its tiny paws onto your leg smiling. The blue collar says ‘toast’ in glitter, jingling in her excitement. Putting your things down we make our way to the velvet couch you snagged at the yard sale we went to this summer.

We make pumpkin pie during thanksgiving and pecan pie. Pecan is always my mom’s favorite. Do you have a favorite pie? Maybe we will make it this year for you. This year we already set up a room for you in the back, technically it’s our roommate Raens room (said like Rain). But they are out with their family for the holidays. Your room is filled with the light sent of pine and cinnamon when we open the door. Giant quilts my mom has made to keep you warm. They are fuzzy and sometimes tickle your nose while we watch Christmas movies. I myself am not really religious, but I love the Christmas and the music and movies. I have planned that we watch all those stop animation movies from the 60s and 70s. My pride flag hangs behind my TV and coco is being made in the kettle.

This year I hope this to be our safe haven from the winter outside. Just us two, and our dog toast; maybe I will be able to finally find my Julie Andrews Christmas record. We will sit in the living room, warm and happy. I know it is very hard to enjoy the holidays when bad things are happening all the time on the second. But I am here and we have literally all night. And our microwave would be happy to reheat our coco if we get busy talking. I still haven’t really come out to my dad or family, but having you here it reminds me that it is ok. You should know that too. As someone in that situation with one foot in the door; I can tell you that’s all is required of you. You trying your best to live your life as you see fit. You representing yourself the way in whatever beautiful expression that is.

So try and sleep enough, drink water, eat something today.

Your Holiday Sister Bethany


  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for your story and sharing with us all. I’m excited for Christmas and hope you have a great one.

  2. Kimber says:

    Thank you,
    This made me so happy! I don’t have any siblings and my mom isn’t very… christmas-ie haha. Anyway, I’m pansexual and don’t really have LGBTQ friends to talk to or just spend time with, I love having deep thoughtful conversations. I also love those old stop motion animation movies. Can’t wait to hang out this Christmas. 🙂

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