Your Holiday Mom: Mummy Boo

To our dear Holiday Child

I am so glad you can be with us today! Your younger brothers have been counting down the days until you got here, and of course your dad and I are happy to see you.

Come and join us for a warm drink, we’ve lit the fire and you can make yourself comfortable. It’s that funny time of year where it’s not quite Christmas yet, so please excuse the mess as we try and get organised.

A lot of that mess is being caused by the cats (yes, there are now two of them), and their main project is destroying the Christmas tree. In fact….. yes……  they’ve knocked it over again! When you and your brothers have finished laughing, leave them to repair the tree and come and tell me and your dad all of your news. As proud parents we always want to know how you are doing.

If you’re feeling creative you can help your brothers, they’re painting Christmas pictures on stones and we’re hiding them around the neighbourhood for children to find. So far they’ve made a star, a snowman, and a robin. You don’t have to be any good at drawing, holiday messages are fine too. This neighbourhood game has been going on a while, and although your brothers claim it isn’t quite as good as Pokémon hunting, it’s still fun. What did you make? ‘Love for the holidays’ – that’s beautiful. If you want some glitter to make it sparkle we can let it all dry while we have lunch.

It’s getting darker, so time to head out and hide those secret stones on the neighbourhood walls – and to check out all the Christmas lights people have put up. It looks so bright and festive, and I am so pleased to be with you walking together and enjoying this time. Don’t hide this stone though, it’s one for you to keep in your pocket. We made it for you, it has a heart on it – a reminder that we carry you in our hearts, always.

Can you hear that? It sounds like Christmas carols. Your brothers have run on ahead and are shouting and waving for us to follow. It’s the fire service – they’re out with the fire engine and Father Christmas in his sleigh. They do this every year, collecting for charity, but I forgot tonight was our turn for their visit.  I am so glad it happened while you were here and we can stand as a family, singing together in the street and waving as Santa goes by.

Let’s head home, back to that warm fire and have a relaxing evening together. Who knows, the cats may even give up on trashing the tree and snuggle down with you instead.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.


Mummy Boo, Daddy Bill, and your brothers.


  1. Cyra C says:

    Thank you! I’m so happy i read this. I was having an absolute nervous breakdown. It’s really cool to have this now cause I never really had a mom and my family just isn’t really a family. And my kitty is under my tree right now sleeping, cats are so sweet 🙂

    • Mummy Boo says:

      I hope you are feeling a bit better now Cyra C. We are holding you in our thoughts and hoping you can feel part of our family and all of those who have shared messages here.

      I’m impressed about how well behaved your kitty is – sleeping under your tree so nicely. I’m sorry to report our two are *still* seeing the tree as one giant cat toy!

  2. Mummy Boo says:

    Hey JP – I’m hoping you can feel supported by all the virtual family here, and maybe if you are finding things difficult you can have a bit of time to yourself to read some of the other letters and remind yourself how cared for you are.

    It is hard when you’ve got lots of family around and they are not understanding. Whatever keeps you safest is the best plan, you do not have to justify or explain yourself to others. I hope things can be peaceful for you, even if the rest of your family get heated over the holidays.

    Remember there is another extended family of yours, and we’re all here online throughout the holidays so if you want to come back and talk to any of your online family we will be here.

    What are the things you do enjoy about the holidays? Perhaps you can come back and tell us and we can share together positive things we all enjoy to help you enjoy a Christmas that works for you.

    Big hugs from Mummy Boo and your family here xx

  3. Jp says:

    Im nervous for christmad because my grandparents are coming over and the holidays are just always hard because family time tends to get heated up especially if its gonna be extended as well.

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