Your Holiday Mom: Momma Chris

My Special Child,

I am not the “Momma” I thought I would be. The one I yearned for myself as a child, the one I vowed to be as I got older. I am however proud of the Momma I became. I wanted a dozen children to love and nurture. I learned being a Momma hasn’t as much to do with bringing a child in to the world as it does cherishing every child who is brought into your world.

I do have two children who grew within my body. But there are many of you who grew within my heart just as easily. All of my children are at least young adults now. One of my girls became engaged to a lovely young woman this year, and gifted my husband and my hearts with two grandsons. I wish very much to include you in my heart over this season as well.

There is no failure in being the best and truest you that you can be. You are everything positive in this world. You are a light shining clearly for all who are worthy to be brought to. Life isn’t always easy. And being human is sometimes very difficult. Stand true to the goodness within your heart, and stand proudly of who you are. Only you can define who that person looking back from the mirror “is”.

My wishes for you are to have no more than you need, but enough to share as needed. I wish I could deal our UNO cards to you, remind you it’s your roll in Yahtzee. I wish I could take you outside, and force you to dance in the rain (because you will pretend you hate the very idea). I wish you to find yourself walking a trail in nature one day and realize YOU are a part of all you see, and then you move a spider to safety. I wish for you to feel the warmth of a true smile cross your lips, and to see this smile in the eyes of another. I wish you to never think for once you are “too old” to snuggle, and to always be true to yourself. You are a perfect you.

I want you to give me something in return. A promise. To remember the following words I write to you, my cherished one, as this is my life motto.

When you walk through the forest- note every leaf and seed upon the ground just as you see the tree. The seeds and leaves are just as important as the tree from where they came. They have a job to do, and are set out a course. We all have a turn in this. We nourish the tree and critters, and one day we will be just as grounded as the tallest Oak. I want you to continue walking, each stone and pebble- see them for the beauty and knowledge they contain. They are the ones who have been there before us. Choose to walk with someone when you can, but never ever fear walking your path alone. There will always be someone amazing around the bend. And when you reach the creek, wade through the water and splash around a bit. Promise me you won’t always cross by way of bridges.

May you find the forests of your life to contain as much beauty as I know there is within you. And may you see that same beauty within yourself.

I love YOU my child.

Momma Chris


  1. Oliver says:

    I didn’t know how much I needed something like this until I read it. I’m queer and, while my family “tolerates” it I know I’ll never be fully accepted by them. You’ve filled a hole in my heart I didn’t know was there so I have you to thank for the first happy tears I’ve shed for a while. Thank you so much for this and I swear I’ll take your words to heart.

    • Momma Chris says:

      Oliver, I am so sorry you are made to feel as you are “tolerated”. Sometimes people just cannot fully understand that we all are just who we are. Each person is unique. And you are a remarkable unique human-being who I hope finds the love and acceptance you deserve and need. Keep one thing in mind for me sweetie, family is not defined by being blood related. Family are who live in your heart and who you know love and cherish you being in theirs. <3

  2. Bee says:

    Thank you, Mom Chris!
    Holiday seasons are rough, especially as I start to come to terms with my own gender identity. I know my own mom will always love me, but she’ll only love me as her daughter not as the nonbinary person I am. Your letter really made my day. <3
    Your NB kiddo, Bee

    • Momma Chris says:

      My little Bee. The only person who really needs to ever be at terms with you- is you. Your mother loves you as the person she gave birth to and carried in her arms. One day she may fully understand your identifying as NB, and that can take time. The important ‘thing” is that you love yourself for who you are under your skin. And I want you to go to a mirror as soon as you can and look at the human you see, and tell that person they are loved and appreciated.

  3. Orion says:

    Dear Momma Chris, thank you so much! This really helped me feel accepted and loved. Thank you for seeing not only me, but everyone else as equal and help them to feel important ❤️❤️❤️ – Your holiday son, Orion

    • Momma Chris says:

      Orion. Oh I love that name. I hope you chose this name for yourself and are choosing to take on life with a blind eye relying on your heart to tell you what battles are worth your time. Life, it is beautiful. Around every corner and bend. You are loved sweetie. Every day! Not just at holiday times. <3

  4. Momma Chris says:

    Suzan, much love and Momma bear hugs and cheek snuggles to you babydoll! The writing is just writing, hearts are beautiful. And your heart is amazing!

  5. Brittany says:

    Mama Chris,

    I am one of the LGBT community. I found these letters very helpful to myself and I am now sharing them to others. I work in a women’s rehab facility and these women range from 10-upper 60’s. Tonight I plan to read your letter to them because I think you have such a wonderful message that would be good for them to hear. Is this okay with you?

    • Letter Mama Yvonne says:

      We are happy to have you share the letters as you see fit. I would encourage folks to visit our site so they can leave comments for the letter writers.

    • Momma Chris says:

      Absolutely Brittany!! Spread your love and mine to all who are in need. And those who do not feel they are in need, spread it gently anyway <3

  6. Rob S says:

    Mama Chris,

    God bless you for this healing message. You turned on a small light in a dark room with this message for many of us who have been ostracized by our biological moms for being LGBT.

    Happy holidays to all of you who made this website happen.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob S

    • Momma Chris says:

      A really big hug for you Rob. Keep being the best you ever and no matter what, smile. Because you are stronger than life.

    • Momma Chris says:

      Suzan I didn’t want you to think i didn’t care to reply. The reply went above and I am uncertain why. Your heart matters to many in this world. make sure you make your heart always first.

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