Your Holiday Mom: Mom Trish

You are here! Your dad and I are so very proud of the things you’ve been doing with your life since you’ve moved away. Such a diligent worker, you’ve been like that since you were a child. We can’t wait to hear about your new projects! Are you writing a book, playing music, or applying to graduate school? None of those would surprise us since you have a variety of talents. Whatever it is, I know you’re going to knock it out of the park!

Tonight I’m baking cookies and listening to the hum of the dryer down the hall. I put your sheets in the wash so they would smell fresh when you arrive. I’m still loving on those two squirrely cats that you dragged home as kittens your freshman year of college. They miss you and sleep on your bed (which is why I needed to wash your sheets.)

This week I’ve been busy preparing the house. Snowmen are my favorite tradition so I’ve unpacked the snowman plates, set out snowman towels, and there’s new snowman rug by the front door. You know how your mom is “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!” The decorations make me absolutely giddy. Every ornament I unpack has a memory. Remember the cute little handprint ornament you made for me when you were five? I think it would be fun if we did a second one now – nearly twenty years later! I’ll hang them side by side on the tree.

The Christmas tree is going in the big picture window facing the beach, as it always does. (Dad is probably going to anchor it to the ceiling since your little hairballs are using it to practice their speed and agility.) We love the warm glow of the white lights when we’re down by the waterfront and we want other people to enjoy that same feeling. There’s a lighted boat parade this year! Everyone on the bay is decorating their boats with lights and on the 22nd, they’ll all be on display. We’ll sit on the deck with our cocoa and light a fire in the chimenea to keep warm while we watch. Maybe this will be our new tradition!

You’re going to love this. Your stoic father actually tried out for a Christmas musical and received a role! He really jumped out of his box; we both know how shy he is. Maybe you would like to play the piano for him and he can practice his songs? There’s nothing I love more than the happy sounds of you interacting with your dad. I think your bravery a few months back when you shared your important secret really inspired the both of us. We are being more open about doing the things we want to do and just being ourselves without apology. Thank you for teaching us.

Love you to the moon and back,

Mom Trish


  1. Thomas says:

    Hi! I don’t know how this website works but I’d like you to adopt me virtually 🙂
    I’m an almost 17 years old trans boy and I live in Italy. I have a 15 years old sister (Nina), a 14 years old brother (Riccardo) and a 9 years old sister (Sofia), and I live with the two youngest, my mom and her new husband Simone.
    My dad lives 6 hours in train away from me with Nina and his new wife Francesca. My dad is English, my mom is Italian and they met when my mom moved to England for a 20 years long ‘holiday’. So I was born in England but then we moved back to Italy when I was about 5, so I know pretty well both English and Italian. If you want to I can teach you some Italian! Hope you will reply, I’d really appreciate 🙂

    • Mom Trish says:

      Dear Thomas,

      Welcome to our family! I discovered Holiday Mom several years ago and was so touched by the love strangers were showing each other that I wanted to be part of it too. So here we are.

      You sound like a very talented young person. This is such a neat time in your life. Anything is still possible, you know? There are good things in store for you that you don’t even know about yet!

      Let me give you a virtual tour of our life! Dad and I live on a farm. Our home is hidden from the road by large trees and a tall fence covered in grapes. There are ducks, chickens and a horse. I like to bake bread and goodies because it makes the house smell warm and welcoming. Our neighbor is a bachelor so I bring him treats. He especially likes things made with apples. Some mornings I will find a bushel of apples on my porch, so I bake them into a strudel and return them.

      We also have a second home that looks out over the ocean. On weekends we pack up our two cats and fly a small plane out to the coast. Dad lands the plane on a little grass strip next to the water. Our weekend home smells like pine trees and salt. It’s a very small house but there’s lots of sunlight and a beautiful view. At night we leave the windows open and enjoy the sound of waves crashing on the beach. There’s a lighted boardwalk outside the back door. Sometimes we walk into town to have dinner and then stroll along the boardwalk on our way home. It’s so pretty there. My heart always feels at peace.

      Dad and I enjoy music. He plays piano, trumpet and guitar. He also sings. I’m not as musically inclined as the old man, but I am a classical violinist.

      Thomas, whatever you want in life can be your reality. When I was young my husband said “You won’t get everything you want but it is possible to get anything you want, if you focus on your goal.” Whether you desire a partner, children, university, career, or travel, any of those things can be yours. Identify what makes you most happy and then go chase that dream. Your going to do just fine.

      Mom Trish

  2. Elliot says:

    Almost every time I get on this blog, it makes me so happy I want to cry. I feel so accepted and happy. It feels so good to have a place to be where I am accepted, especially with the hard times I am having recently. I feel like you guys are my mom and anytime people ask me what I’m reading, I say I’m reading what my moms wrote. My own mother isn’t around so its nice to have some people to call a family. Thank you so much for making this blog and posting on it, it makes me extremely happy and helps me through the day. Thank you so much. It may be weird to say but, I love you mom, thank you so much!

    • Mom Trish says:

      Sweet Elliot,

      Thank you for writing. No matter what our families look like I think it’s normal to always wish for something more. Figuring out the early years of adult life is hard, but you WILL do it. Whatever journey you make will be perfect because it’s yours. Along the way you will encounter people who don’t share your DNA but they most definitely share your values and your heart. Your true “family” is whoever you decide it is. Invite them in! Darling, everything will turn out just fine. I love you too!

      Mom Trish

  3. Jade says:

    Hi my name is Jade and you just made me ball my eyes out. I wish my family was so accepting. We don’t have any tradiations here where I live and my family is to busy to decorate or go to anything fun my town offers for Xmas like A Xmas village and tree lighting.

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Jade,

      Welcome, I’m so happy you are with us. If you want to start a new holiday tradition on your own we will support you, but if not that’s ok, too. We will be here anytime you want to come back this holiday season.

      Sending lots of love to you.

    • Auntie Hay says:

      Hi Jade-
      We are so happy you are here with us!
      I know life can be so hard when we aren’t feeling accepted or appreciated by those we love the most. The good thing is that the world is full of people like me who love you unconditionally and are thrilled to watch you grow into the amazing human you are.
      I think one of the most wonderful thing about this time of year is how almost anything can become a tradition…. I hope this year you can find something special, just for you, and make it your own tradition for years to come. It can be anything that speaks to you- a favorite song, a book, a drink… even just a chilly walk under the stars where you take a moment to celebrate yourself- you deserve it. Don’t be nervous if you end up doing it alone though, because I will be there with you in spirit.
      Auntie Hay

    • Mama Trish says:

      Hi Jade,

      This time of year can really make us feel a sense of loss, can’t it? What I’ve done is make my own traditions. If a tree makes you feel good then go get a small one from Walmart and set it up in your room. Even a desktop one is festive! If baking is fun for you, then find a recipe and do it! Take a plate of goodies to a neighbor who might not have any family. A tradition can be as simple as drinking egg nog and watching Christmas Vacation. It’s YOUR special time so make it the way you want it and don’t worry about if other people participate. You are loved and it will be ok.

      Mama Trish

  4. Adeline says:

    Thank you to all of you for all that you do, it really helps to hear all the kind things coming from a family where that doesn’t happen and I’m not accepted. I just wanted to let you know that it is much appreciated and I hope you keep doing this in future years.

    • Brigid says:

      Hi Adeline,
      It was really good to read your thoughtful “thank you” note! You are totally welcome!
      Sorry to hear your family is not an accepting one right now.
      The time will come when you’ll have your own family-by-choice gathered around you to support you. Often the best “family” aren’t related to us at all, except by shared interests, shared concerns, and shared love.
      But until that time comes (when you are surrounded by loving people) please know that we Holiday Moms and other Holiday Family are here for you.
      I know that you are strong, resilient and beautiful just exactly the way you are. I am proud of you for just being your wonderful self.
      Best wishes for a good, peaceful holiday. Drop by here anytime you like. Hugs!

    • Mama Trish says:


      Thank you for your thoughtful note! I am so happy I could spread a little love in the world. Take care my dear.

      Mama Trish

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