Your Holiday Mom: Mom Silvara

Hello dearest holiday child! I am so very happy you are here with us this year! This year is extra special because I have crocheted a blanket for everyone in the family. And that most definitely includes you! It’s waiting under the tree (though I don’t mind if you open it early!) and has all of your favorite colors worked into it.

If you like cats, we have 2 that would love to spend time with you. Sarah is a white long haired cat who loves attention and cuddles. Miles is a dilute tortie who is polydactyl (she has extra toes on each paw so she looks like she’s wearing mittens!), and she knows all the dog tricks. She LOVES to play fetch with anyone who will throw a toy for her. They will most likely sleep on your bed with you, unless you’d rather close them out because of allergies.

Beware of leaving anything red laying around. Miles is a total thief and her favorite color is red. One year when she was a bit over a year old, I woke up to find that she had scaled the Christmas tree and stolen every red ornament that was on it! None of the rest were touched, and she had piled them all up in her cat bed. Siamese are so naughty sometimes! *laughs*

We are totally informal in our house. I celebrate Yule, but love giving presents so have incorporated that into our holiday tradition. My Dad celebrates Christmas, but we welcome all traditions or none. It’s usually just the two of us for the holidays, we visit family on New Year’s Day, but Christmas is just for us, and now you! We’re pretty relaxed around this time of year. There will be Christmas music playing softly in the background (I usually sneak in some Twisted Christmas Carol’s when Dad’s not looking!), lots of movies to watch and books to read. My library alone is 9 floor to ceiling book cases, and Dad has at least that many of his own. So if you like to read, I’m sure between us we’ll have a book for you!

Dad’s a tea addict, so there are at least 30 different kinds if you like tea. We also keep hot chocolate and spiced cider stocked. For dinner, there will be a spiral ham with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, rolls, and green bean casserole. For dessert, Dad always makes his carrot cake cookies, and we also have pecan pie, ice cream, and a wide variety of Christmas cookies.

Breakfast will be cinnamon rolls made from scratch. Pancakes and waffles, omelettes and sticky pecan rolls. We don’t expect you to eat all of it! *laughs* If you’d rather have something lighter, there is oatmeal and fresh fruit on hand as well.

Presents are opened whenever we wish. Some years we do it on Christmas Eve, some years it’s Christmas morning. And occasionally I just can’t wait to see what people think of what I’ve gotten them, and I make them open theirs as soon as they’re settled in the family room with something to drink and eat! This year MAY end up being one of those years… *grins*

I put out the final touches just before you arrived. I am thrilled you are here with us! But please remember, though I am your Holiday Mom, my love is never limited only to the holidays. I love you and think about you every second of the day, 365 days a year. I wish you days filled with fun and laughter, all the bright and wonderful things that remind me of you. Because YOU are bright and wonderful too. I am blessed to have you in my life, and you make me so proud to know you. You are strong, you WILL get through whatever life gives you, and at the end of the day I and everyone else who loves you will be there to cheer you on.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

Mom Silvara


  1. Cyra says:

    Wow! I love kitties, I have one f my own and she always sleeps with me and attacks my tree. I’m really glad I found this place because my family doesnt know I’m trans and pansexual, but I’m glad they don’t because they’re all homophobic, transphobic,and racist along with many other things. But I think this Christmas will be better now 🙂

    • Mom Silvara says:

      I’m lucky that all Miles does is steal ornaments. If none are red, she ignores the tree!

      I’m sorry your family isn’t supportive, that’s always difficult, and especially so around the holidays. I wish you a brighter and happier holiday season, as well as the years to come. Know you are loved just as you are, as you were, and as you will be.

  2. Rai says:

    Omg so many animals! :3 I really wish my family was so supportive like this. I still love them and they love me but I can never be myself around them. However my sister is very supportive of me and I can’t wait for her to cut my hair! I’m getting it cut really super short so it’s more neutral! And I’m getting it dyed Ariel red! I hope you and everyone else here has an awesome Christmas!!!

    • Mom Silvara says:

      Ariel is one of my favorites! I’m sure you’re going to look amazing with short red hair. And I’m so glad your sister is supportive. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas, and an even better New Year.

  3. Jack/Danny says:

    Hi um, I found this website link from tumblr? Basically, I’m a trans boy, and I live with my mom. I came out to my mom in passing, and she didnt understand and she thought it was a pphase, and totally disregarded it, so she knows me as a girl. I know its not as bad as what other people have been through, and I probably should be happy I didnt get hit again or kicked out or something, but I came here so I could be reminded that there are really sweet people here.
    Thank you <3
    (Ps I love your cats!)

    • Mom Silvara says:

      I don’t know how long ago you came out to your mom, but maybe once she sees that it isn’t a phase, she’ll be more supportive.

      In the meantime, I’m glad to have you as part of my holiday family this year, I and the cats send our love, and good wishes for a better year.

  4. Bri says:

    I love cats! They are so fluffy and adorable! My cat can be sweet but he’s mostly mean and hyper

    • Mom Silvara says:

      Miles is 15, but she’s still as hyper as a kitten. Especially at night when it’s time to sleep! Hopefully yours will let you give him some snuggles during the holidays.

      Wishing you and yours all the good of the season and none of the bad.

  5. Neron says:

    My friends and I are exchanging gifts this year they are really the only people I’ve told outside of the internet, one of them got me the clothes I wanted because they wanted to help… I’m overjoyed knowing that I am still supported outside of the internet. They got me a flannel for my 90’s grunge fashion style and 2 sweatshirts. All male and all for me.
    Love your son,

    • Mom Silvara says:

      That’s wonderful that you have such good friends! I’m sure the clothes look really good on you too. Being a teen of the 90’s, I can totally picture you in that look, and I know you pull it off well. Wishing you and your friends all the good of the season and none of the bad.

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Neron,

      That is great, I had a few flannels too, back in the day… maybe I’ll go hunt for them this year.

      Wishing you all the best this year andb’ll always.

  6. Lila says:

    Thank you! Your cats seem simply adorable and your home very welcoming. I am looking forward to more messages from you in the future!

    • Mom Silvara says:

      The cats are adorable brat children, and already have their own gifts snuggled under the tree. New toys and treats just like every year.

      I’m so glad you stopped by, and know you are always welcomed by me and mine!

    • Mom Silvara says:

      I hope those are happy tears! This is the season for joy and laughter, and I want lots of both for you this year and all the years to come.

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