Your Holiday Mom: Mom Shannon

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Welcome to our home!

We’ve been waiting for you. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever because we are just so excited to invite you in, welcome you, hear about your journey and see all that you’ve become.

We counted the days. Knowing, it would just not the same until you were here.

You’ll  find our home filled with an eclectic group of wonderful, loving people – we call them our tribe.  The backdoor is always open – so there are often teens, neighbors, and friends who drop by. We are chosen family who stick together through thick and thin. I think you’ll find you fit right in.

As you arrive and come up the stairs, you’ll smell homemade chai or egg nog and warm apple cider on the stove.  Sandra makes the best turkey. Sheldon makes the best pumpkin pie. Bob makes the best salmon, though he is also talking about shucking oysters this year. Noah’s banana bread is famous throughout the state. Taft loves to create a tasty cheese plate. Sean’s got a mushroom recipe that is simply out of this world. John makes a beet salad to die for. I make sure there are endless yummy snicky snacks (as we call them!) on the table so no one is ever without a bite to eat.

We love to tell stories of our recent adventures – and will be most anxious to hear yours. Tata will want to ask about your astrological sign and see what is in the stars for you. We are grateful people, who talk about the small things we appreciate – gorgeous colors in the sky, well-designed objects, exquisite flavors, lovely friendships, and any sort of travel.  We are also a group who shares our hopes and dreams for the future.  What dreams do you have? What are you hoping for? We’ll want to hold space for all that your heart desires. We strategize together how to make our dreams (big or small) come true.

Often, Noah and I will participate in a holiday race. Do you want to join us for a 5K? And on sunny holidays, we may head to the beach for a walk or a surf. It’s always a good time to look at the horizon and see the rise and fall of the ocean.  There’s a canyon nearby where we can go on a walk if it’s too chilly for water time.

As the world churns about, we gather often as a tribe to celebrate what is uniquely ours. We welcome you in. Being yourself in the world is no easy task.  Come inside. Settle in.  Be yourself.

We’ve been waiting for you.

Let’s celebrate!

Your Holiday Mom Shannon


  1. Parker says:

    Thank you for writing this and welcoming me into your family. I really needed some words of love and encouragement, and this has made my mood 10000 times better. Thank you and best of wishes in the new year <3

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Parker,

      Best wishes to you, too! I hope the new year is wonderful for you.

    • Mama Shannon says:

      Hi Parker –

      You are so very welcome.

      Keep on rocking life like only you can.

      Hoping 2018 is shiny and bright for you!

      Mama Shannon

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