Your Holiday Mom: Mamma Kat

There you are!  We’ve been waiting for you.  I just brewed up a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee complete with cream.  If you don’t care for pumpkin spice, I have some vanilla, too.  The steam is rolling off of the top of the mug and it smells divine!

We’re so glad you could make it.  I love that Buttercup has taken to you, too.  Being a golden retriever, she loves everybody, but to see her standing there at the door wagging her tail the moment you came in really warms my heart.  Oh!  Watch where you step, it seems like our little Hobbes is really taking to you too.  Don’t worry, he’s a typical cat, he doesn’t really mean to trip you, it’s just his way of showing love.

The turkey will be out of the oven in a little while.  I cook it upside down in a butter sauce so when it comes out of the oven, the breast is soaked in butter and so tender it slides right off the bone.  I’ve been working on the mashed potatoes.  It takes a while since Larry loves his potatoes and I need to make enough to feed everyone.

I tell you what – while I’m working on dinner, why not curl up on the couch?  We can watch It’s a Wonderful Life (oh, I know, it’s a sappy old movie but so wonderfully written and beautiful) or A Christmas Story, or maybe even ELF.  Oh, I know I’m terrible, but I always giggle all the way through ELF and we can all plop down on the couch, kick up the recliner bits, and watch the movie while the turkey cooks with warm mugs of cocoa or coffee.  Buttercup and Hobbes will curl up with us and it’s always so warm and inviting.

Maybe after dinner we can go drive around looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols.  We usually do it on Christmas Eve, but let’s do it while you are here.  It’s all about fun and family anyway, right?

There are some gifts for you under the tree, I hope you liked what we picked out.  Papa Larry got that thing you’ve been asking about for months, and…  well, ok, I’ll tell you, I got you socks.  I admit it, I got you some warm, fuzzy socks.  They’re not boring, though, they look like cat paws.  Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t wear them in public.  There’s a nice gift under the tree from Jade, too.  She wouldn’t tell me what she got you, but since she’s out of college, has her own job, and thinks the world of you, I’m absolutely sure it’s something nice.

ELF?  Great choice!!  Too many hugs?  Nah, we can never have too many hugs, just don’t giggle so much.  You’re lovely and we love you and we’re so very, very glad you’re here to spend the day with us.  I really don’t care if you’re Christian or not, it’s about the season, right?  Love, kindness and all that.  It really is my favorite time of year and I’m so very, very glad you made it this year.  Never forget, you are so very loved.

With all my heart,

Mamma Kat


  1. Jaimie says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for taking time out of your day to write this. I would be honored to be a guest in your home and I’m sending lots of virtual hugs and hope you can feel my thankfulness for your kindness through your phone/computer. Again, thank you.

  2. brian k says:

    I’ll gladly take a cup of pumpkin spice coffee with cream in it. sounds like your place would be a wonderful place to spend the holidays. this is the first holiday out of jail but it is also the first holiday without my kids and without my grams and pappy (they both passed while i was in jail for 9 1/2 months). so i wasn’t surrounded with family or friends, but by strangers.

    • Shannon (she/her) says:

      Sending you love, Brian. You’ve had a rough year, and I wish you nothing but the best in the coming year as you get your life back in order. You’ve got this, kiddo! <3

    • Brigid says:

      Congratulations on your fresh start out of jail! It will take time to find your way but you have the skills to make it work. I believe in you.
      So sorry to hear about your grandparents. Grief can be a roller coaster, but you’ll be okay. Over time you’ll find ways to remember them and their love for you without it making you sad.
      Glad you found this website. We are here to support you and cheer you on.Come back anytime.

  3. Ricky says:

    Thanks, Mama Kat. I needed those socks. That legitimately made me cry, and it was the most freeing thing i’ve ever felt. I wish I could feel that kind of love from my family.

    Thank you.

  4. Jordan says:

    I love this so much, I never knew my mother, she died while I was only a small baby, this letter has made me feel like I was right there with you. I’ve never had a thanksgiving with all of my family together before so that’s new to me. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie by the way. It’s really amazing.

    • Mama Kat says:

      That’s wonderful, Jordan! Next time I watch ELF I will be thinking of you. Sending warm hugs your way.

  5. Cristina says:

    Mamma Kat,

    You have no idea how much this meant to me. Before I came out my Mom would always get me at least one pair of socks, if not more. I wore them all the time, and I love cats. After I came out the socks stopped. I find my wardrobe now consists of practical socks that I won’t be upset if one goes missing.

    Thank you so much for this!

    Sending all the love.

    • August says:

      Hi Cristina,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed receiving your new cat socks! I love that Mamma Kat’s letter reminded you of a tradition you love–and I’m sending you so many socks right now, my heart to yours.

      With love from your Holiday Sibling,

    • Mama Kat says:

      **giggles and packs another gift full of cute socks of all kinds of pretty colors**

      You’re very welcome, my dear. Happy holidays to you, you are not alone.

  6. Renee says:

    Mamma Kat,

    Thank you for caring. Tears came to my eyes imagining how nice this would be. I love cats and am currently fostering my first and have another that I adopted. Curling up on the couch with hugs and a movie sound so perfect 🙂

  7. Lorcan says:

    Hello, Mama Kat!

    Thank you for such a warm welcome on a cold day. Pumpkin Spice is my favourite, and I’m overjoyed that Buttercup and Hobbes have taken to me so well.

    I wish I’d had a way to provide you with a gift, since all of these are bound to be as thoughtful as you always seem to be. I hope the company makes up for it!

    All things said, honestly, thank you. Today was rough for me, sicne I’m increasingly reminded of typical families and festivities. I work for a small tea company in the UK, so we’re shipping worldwide with gifts addressed to/from parents everywhere. Coming back to your kind words means more to me than even my English degree can help me put in to words.

    Please gives extra cuddles to H & B, and pass my love to Jade and Larry!

    Warm cuddles and love,

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Lorcan,

      It’s nice to have you here, we will always have a virtual pot of your favorite holiday beverage brewing.

    • Mama Kat says:

      Welcome to the festivities, Lorcan. **warm hug** There will always be a plate of turkey and some holiday cheer waiting for you here. Jade loves pumpkin spice, too! I always keep it on hand. <3

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Cassidy!
    Like I said to Nick up above, I’m not the Mama who wrote your letter, but I could be! I can’t wait to be involved next year, or next holiday, whatever the site owners decide! I wouldn’t mind Hobbes trying to trip me either. I used to have cats, but we haven’t had one in a few years. We have dogs now who also try and trip everyone, or knock them down in the case of our 100 boxer, Gibbs! I’m glad you found this site and felt the connection here. Know that you are loved by so many! Love, Lisa (future Mama!)

    • Cassidy says:

      Hi future Mama! 🙂

      Aw, that’s adorable! I’ve never had a dog but most of my friends have little tiny ones who are full of rage (it’s so cute, though!). I’m actually really into lizards & want to have a gecko one day, too. Pets are the best.

      I’m so glad I found this site a few years ago; I absolutely fell in love with the concept. You will make a great Holiday mom! <3

      -Cassidy (xe/xir)

  9. Nick says:

    Hi, Mamma Kat!

    Thanks for inviting me! I’ve never had a turkey cooked this way before, so I’m really looking forward to dinner.

    The socks are awesome! Last year I got one of my friends a set of wolf-paw gloves and wolf-paw slippers to start his fur-suit, so these cat slippers will be worn with pride!

    Tell Papa Larry that I’m glad he remembered what I’d asked for. It’s nice to have a dad remember, even if it’s only for today. How sad is it that I’m in my 40’s and still just want my parents to love me just as I am for who I am at Christmas… And here you are! I’m so blessed. *hugs*

    Much love, Nick

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Nick!
      I’m not Mama Kat, and actually, I’m not a Mama on this site. Not this year anyhow! Next year, I hope to be! But I’m glad you read Mama Kat’s letter and enjoyed the gifts. No matter how old we are, we never stop wanting our parent’s love and acceptance, I believe. And you have a bunch of moms and dads who love you just as you are, at Christmas and always! Love you! Lisa (Future Mama!)

    • Mama Kat says:

      Welcome home, Nick. Here you’ll find a lot of parents that love you just as you are, and homes that are warm and inviting for the holidays. **bear hugs right back**

      Your life choices are yours to make, and we all love you just as you are. Happy holidays, sweetheart. 🙂

  10. Cassidy says:

    Hi Mama!

    Thanks for inviting me in! My own cat isn’t much of a people person, so it’s nice to have Hobbes trying to trip me all day!

    The lights around the neighborhood are so pretty. There’s even one around the corner that has theirs flashing in sync to music they have – let’s drive by that one!

    I ADORE fuzzy socks – thank you!! The ones I got last year are starting to wear out, so I’ll need them. I love Jade’s gift, too.

    I love you and I hope you have an amazing holiday! 🙂

    -Cassidy (xe/xir)

    • Mama Kat says:

      Happy holidays to you too, Cassidy, we’re so happy to have you here. **hugs** We love you too and are thoroughly happy you’ve stopped by. <3

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