Your Holiday Mom: Mama Sheree

To my dear child –

Hello sunshine!! As I sit down to write you this letter, my heart is so full of love for you. I am so happy to welcome you to our family, and I hope that you can feel some of that love right now as you read this.

So… come on inside, make yourself comfortable, and let’s sit for a while.  Oh wait, before you do that you better take a minute to pet Casey or you’ll never live it down! She’s getting old but she’s still got lots of energy, and she’ll keep nudging you until you give her some attention.  She did just have a bath yesterday so her fur is nice and soft.  Your brother and sister are going to be so excited to see you when they get home from school today – they have been missing their oldest sibling so much.  I can’t believe I managed to keep your arrival a secret so you can surprise them.  I almost slipped a few times, but I did it!

We still have a little quiet time before Drew and May get here, so I can fill you in on our plans for the week.  But first, I want to hear about you.  I’ll make us some tea, and you can fill me in on everything… what’s been going on in your world….how you’re feeling.  I am here to listen –  to celebrate your accomplishments, to support you with your dreams, to encourage you in your challenges, but mostly just to be a source of love and hope for you. So go ahead, I’m all ears…. I’m just thankful to have you all to myself for a little bit 😊

For tonight, we’re going to hang out and have some family time.  Although we have lots to do to get ready for the holidays, that will have to wait till tomorrow.   After dinner, we’ll make hot chocolate, with your choice of marshmallows or whipped cream (or a little of both- as you sister likes it!).  And even though it’s chilly, we’ll sit outside and warm ourselves by the fire pit- and probably roast some more marshmallows!

Now, just a few heads-ups for you. Your brother Drew has been working on some new magic tricks, so he will probably want to try them out on you. ( please be kind and act amazed- he’s still an amateur- lol) Plus, I’m pretty sure there will be a few nerf wars this week, as well as many WWE matches on the PS4- so be prepared, he’s been practicing!!

You sister May will have to show you her piccolo that’s she’s been playing in marching band.  It’s a lot of work but she loves it.  I’m sure she’ll also play some tunes on piano and ukulele.  I can guarantee you that music will include selections from Hamilton, Legally Blonde, and other broadway musicals – so warm up those vocal chords!

Tomorrow, we’ll go and pick out our tree.  Dad usually likes the tall ones, I like the shorter fluffy ones, and Drew likes whichever one his sister doesn’t!  Lol  Hopefully you can help them to agree on one. Once we get the tree home and the branches settle, we have these beautiful mint green lights that I just love because they give off such a calm and peaceful glow.  I also love all of our decorations.  Some people like to have fancy glass and ceramic ornaments, but I prefer the ones that were made with our own hands.  They are so special and bring back so many memories.  One of my favorite things to do during this season, which I hope you will enjoy too, is turn off all the lights in the house except for our tree, and then sit in the dark and take in its beauty.

Honey, I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have this time with you. Your smile lights my world, and I am so proud of you.  This holiday season, I have many hopes and dreams for you.

First, I hope you will know how precious and beautiful you are inside and out, just the way you are.

I also hope you know that you are one in a million. There is no one else on this earth who is quite like you, and you have special gifts and talents to share with this world.

Last, I hope that you will follow your dreams, and share them with others. This world needs the love, compassion, and kindness that are in you, and I know that it is already a better place because you are in it….

… Ok, I think I hear the school bus coming down the road, so now the fun begins!  Get ready for some “hoop-la”, as mom-mom calls it  – and if you think Casey was happy to see you, wait’ll you get some hugs from Drew and May!!!!


Mama Sheree


  1. Daniel H says:

    22 year old ftm starting t soon and my family doesn’t really support it . Mom kind of but that’s bout it . I really won’t have anyone to spend time with on Xmas as I’m usually alone now days … even on thanksgiving I had no one but myself … didn’t even get an thanksgiving dinner …
    Christmas is gonna be the same not even feeling like Xmas … I do get lonely a lot because that’s all I am .. I work and come home to be alone and I hate feeling so left out of everything …
    I just wanna be as important as most are espically during the holiday season ..

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Hi Daniel – I’m so sorry that things have been tough for you lately. It can be very difficult when you feel youre going it alone. I think you are very brave and courageous as you take the next steps in your journey, I hope that as you continue moving closer to who you want to be, you will find people in your life who will love and support you for the awesome person you are. The reason I wrote this letter is because I want you and other young people to know how special you are. You are welcome with open arms in this place, and I hope and pray that you will see how precious you are as you read this and other letters. Come back here anytime you need love and you will find it here. Sending you love and hugs ❤️

  2. Vic says:

    Hello! I am transgender (ftm) pronouns he/him. I am also gay. I feel like I need some support. Someone I can curl up with. Someone that would welcome me in.

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Hi Vic- I’m so glad you found us, and I can tell you that you are absolutely welcome here!!! In this place, you are valued and cherished just as you are. So anytime you need some encouragement and support, and a virtual hug, come here and we’ll be waiting with open arms

  3. Sebastian says:

    Mama, being transgender is so hard around people who won’t accept it, they will tell me I’m just going through a phase and I know I’m not I feel what I feel. My mom accepts me for being myself but my dad doesn’t really, he wants me to grow out my hair so I can be his little girl again, but I keep telling him I always been his son ever since I was born. Then I can tell that it hurt him that his eyes started to water. I’m also pansexual and my mom and dad accept that which is ok. I also call myself a Pansgender 😛

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Sebastian –
      A lot of people that I know have a hard time understanding what it means to be transgender. It doesn’t make sense to them bc they feel comfortable in their own skin. But I am hopeful bc I do see more and more people who are willing to listen and learn and try to understand. You are brave to come out and be your true self, and I hope with time that both of your parents will understand and see that you are still their beautiful child. In the meantime I hope you are finding encouragement here and see that you are not alone

      • Sebastian says:

        This is an amazing site, it feels like home, I feel safe. My parents love me but they don’t treat me as if I’m there. They don’t mind me dating girls or boys but they think by the time I’ll go high school I’ll become a girl again

        • Brigid says:

          You just keep on being you, Sebastian. Loving parents are a wonderful thing, even if they still don’t fully understand the way things are with you.
          I’m glad you enjoy visiting us here at Your Holiday Mom. Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with love, fun and relaxation. Hugs!

  4. Alex says:

    Hey mom,
    I am Pansexual and Bigender.
    Back a couple years ago I tried to come out to my actual parents as Bisexual. I was like 14-15 at the time. They didn’t take it well so I don’t tell them about who I really am because if I do I might get kicked out and I am not old enough to be out on my own.
    These all make me cry just a bit because it is the love I wish that my family would show me.
    On a lighter note, I love writing and singing and that is how I get away from it all. I write stories, and I just finished writing a novel. It turned out pretty good if I must say so myself.
    Wish I could spend my holidays with you,

    • Brigid says:

      Hi Lexxie,
      A novel! Well you are obviously a hard-working, determined and creative young person. I hope you are very proud of yourself! I’m proud of you too (even if we’ve never met)! I’m impressed also with how practical you are. You know that you are not yet ready to be out on your own, so you are “playing the waiting game.” That’s pretty smart.
      One day you will be older and more independent and you’ll be able to seek out some of the many, many supportive and accepting people in this world who will love you just exactly as you are.
      In fact, you’ve found some pretty darn loving and accepting people right here at Your Holiday Mom! We love and support you Lexxie! Drop by again anytime. You are welcome here. Hugs!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Alex,
      You are spending your holidays with us. You are loved and you are amazing just as you are.

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Lexxie- These letters come from real people who really care for you and want you to know how special you are. Even though we don’t meet in person, they can still stir emotions, and hopefully they will also touch your heart. you are not alone, and that there are people here who love you and accept you and think you are awesome! As you go through life and meet more people, I know there will be others who will also see you as we do.

      I think it’s pretty awesome that you wrote a novel, and I also love that you have found things that help you to de-stress and relax. That is really important insight to have. I also find music and journaling very helpful when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed, although I’ve never written a novel 🙂
      Thank you for sharing about yourself, and you are always welcome here

  5. Sebastian says:

    I came out trans few months ago… and things didn’t go well then.. but I went to counseling for it.

    • Brigid says:

      Hi Sebastian,
      Welcome to Your Holiday Mom! I hope your counsellor was supportive and kind to you. A good counsellor is a wonderful person to have on your side. We are on your side too. You know (better than anyone else can) who you are and how you feel. Never be ashamed of who you are or of your feelings.You are 100% perfect just as you are. Sending virtual hugs!

      • Sebastian says:

        Thank you so much, but I’m scared to go to school, I almost get jumped as I’m beaten up, and they bully me in class or online

        • Brigid says:

          Hi Sebastian,
          That’s really rough. School should be a safe place for all kids, no matter how they identify.
          When you graduate, your world will open up so much. Then you can leave those bullies behind. You deserve respect and you deserve to be happy. Lots of love coming your way, Sebastian!

          • Sebastian says:

            Thanks mom, it’s just hard yenno, I’m 13 and going through so much with a huge change that I thought would change my entire life. But there is always hope and faith. And I always been told that never let anyone interfere with your dreams and future

        • Mama Erin says:

          Hi, Sebastian! You are just the way you’re supposed to be, and I’m glad we get to be together for the holidays this year. Being young is so hard, and you are bravely showing the world the wonderful young person you are. I am grateful for people like you who show what grace and strength and honesty look like. You are amazing, and I love you.

          • Sebastian says:

            How many mamas do I get on here but I appreciate how much love I get on here, but why just the holidays? I would love to have you here everyday 🙁 days are going by to fast that we don’t have that much time together

  6. Dani says:

    Wow… This kinda makes me sad bc I want this… But I don’t have that I am along for the holidays I have been for two years I missed my family but they stop talking to me its ok tho I am doing just fine with out them.. My bio mom was abusive anyways.

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Hi Dani – thank you for writing. It can’t be easy being on your own without family support. It takes a lot of courage and determination as you find your way in this world. While these letters can bring out different emotions, including sadness, they come from hearts that want to encourage you and others like you on your journeys, which can be lonely and painful at times. They want you to know there are people out there who care about you and love you just as you are. So when you need that reassurance and encouragement, please come back here. You are always welcome.

  7. Aaron says:

    Hey there, my name is Aaron and I’m 19. I am a transgender male and it took a lot of courage to tell my parents I’m a boy. My mom calls me Aaron but will still call me her daughter. My dad doesn’t even try, he still calls me the full length version of my dead name and doesn’t really care at all. This time of year is really hard for me because last year, a week before Christmas, they kicked me out of the house. I had to live with my boyfriend’s family for awhile and now he and I live on our own. It’s just really difficult because this time of year is supposed to be about family but they make me want to not exist. I just want to belong to a family who actually accepts me..

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Aaron – thank you so much for writing and sharing your story. It sounds like this has been a rough year for you, especially right now. It does take a lot of courage to decide to be the person you know you are inside. There are people who don’t or won’t try to understand, but there are many who will understand and will celebrate you for who you are. I am thankful that you have found this site, and hope it helps you to hear from people who believe in you and support you. You are welcome here, as you are, anytime.
      Sending lots of love and hugs

  8. Staci says:

    Hey momma. My family always seen me having a husband stop when they found out I married a female, they disowned me. I raised myself cuz they never accepted me. Never had a mom nor a dad. My wife’s family accept us but I’ve never had a family to call my own. 🙁

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Staci- Stepping out and following your heart like you did takes lots of courage and bravery. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that those I call “family” are not always relatives. Family is those in our lives who love us and stick with us no matter what. sometimes it isn’t the people we want it to be or wish it could be, and that can be hard to accept. I hope that you and your wife find those who can be part of your family as time goes by. In the meantime, know that you are loved and accepted here always, and anytime you need reassurance, we are here to remind you how special you are.

  9. Elliot says:

    I’ve been out for a year and I have never been fully accepted into a family. I am happy I found this website. I don’t have barely any people around me that are accepting. Not even my boyfriend. I have to be a girl for everyone. When I am a boy, I am a trans boy. I know I’m going to be on here or often. And I can’t wait to just read everything. I haven’t had the best day….My brother that did really bad things to me came over and I had to hide while having a panic attack. Then I just kept getting in trouble today for tiny things. And now I’m just listening to depressing music, crying, and reading through this. I’m a bit happier now. But still not the best. Thank you. I’ll be reading these every day from now on. Feel like I actually have a mom and family since my mom is a drug addict that has disappeared and all my family is abusive. Thank you. I love you mom(s).

    • Brigid says:

      Hey Elliot,
      That’s a great name you have there. It reminds me of the poet T.S. Elliot who was one of the best poets of the 20th Century!
      So sorry to hear you have a lack of understanding and acceptance in your home life right now. You deserve better. You are a very brave person to be dealing with all this, and we are here to help. While I’ve never met you, I believe in you. You are strong. You are perfect just being yourself.
      I want you to know that you are not alone. As you get older you’ll meet more and more people who are able to accept you, and who want to love you. They won’t want to change you into something you are not, but will instead ask you what YOU want. That time will come, but for now, please come back here anytime for a virtual hug. With love!

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Hi Elliot – I am also happy that you found us :). We love you and you are always welcome and accepted here. I can see that you have been through some difficult and painful experiences, and though you may not see it now, you are braver and stronger than you realize. I’m so glad you will be coming back to read these letters, and I hope and prayer that as you do, you will begin to see how special and precious you are to every one of us ❤️

  10. Angelina says:

    I came out as bisexual when I was 11 I’m now 16 and I’m pansexual. I’ve selfharmed because of being bullied because of it.

    • Celeste says:

      Dear Angelina, Discovering your sexuality is important and I see you being true to yourself, even though it hurts. You are always accepted here with us. You are strong and brave. Sending love and hugs.

    • Brigid says:

      Dear Angelina,
      Sorry to hear you have been bullied. That’s very tough to bear sometimes. Remember, those small-minded bullies usually do it out of their own insecurity and ignorance. Their opinions are NOT the truth.
      The truth is: you are a unique and wonderful person, with a kind heart and a strong soul. As time goes by you’ll meet more and more people who accept you just exactly as you are. There are millions of loving, accepting people in the world! Right here on this website there are 10s of thousands of people who would never bully you or tease you! Look after yourself and know that you are loved. Drop by anytime. Hugs!

    • Mama Sheree says:

      Angelina- I’m so sorry to hear that you are hurting. Please know that there are people out there who love and accept you just as you are, and see how precious and wonderful you are. The writers of these letters you see here represent just some of them. I am so glad that you found us, and hope you will return here whenever you need some comfort and reassurance. Sending you lots of love

    • Abby A says:

      Coming out is hard. I know that when I came out to my family, my Mom never really accepted it.

      I hope you know that your story isn’t over yet and I’m sure that you have many amazing things to see and accomplish!

  11. Melissa says:

    She plays the piccolo in marching band!!!! God i love band!!!! Maybe ill whip out my trumpet and we can improvise a little

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Melissa,

      That sounds wonderful, I do not play an instrument but I love live music and will enjoy hearing you all play together.

      • Kayelynn says:

        This letter makes me so happy. I just got out of the hospital yesterday, I was in the psych ward for about 2 weeks, and I was kinda nervous to get out. But when I read this it just made me feel so wanted and loved and supported. The people I live with fight so much, and holidays are pretty hard, but at your house it just seems perfect. I love dogs, and Id love to have younger siblings! Laying in the dark admiring the christmas tree sounds perfect, kinda like a dream. Please tell Drew and May hello from their older sister (: and thank you for this letter, it definitely brightened my day. All my love, Kayelynn

        • Mama Sheree says:

          Thanks so much for writing Kayelynn 🙂
          I am glad that you found us here, and hope you will come back whenever you need some support and reassurance. You are one of a kind, you are special, and you are not alone. Sending love and lots of hugs!!❤️

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