Your Holiday Mom: Mama Ravenna

My Dearest Holiday Child,

Welcome home! I’m so glad you’ve arrived safely! How was the trip? I hope traffic wasn’t too bad, I know it can get a little wacky out there this time of year.  Well, come on in! Hang your jacket there in the closet and have a seat!  Your brothers have been so excited for you to get here, especially your youngest brother, he has had a tough year, and I know he’s really needing to give and get hugs from you.  The older two boys are in their room with the Xbox One if you want to play for a bit before dinner.  I think your Uncle Ry is bringing the PS4, but don’t let him get sucked in to that one game you two enjoy so much.

Your Uncle and Aunt will be here soon with your cousins, I know you haven’t met the new baby yet, I think you will enjoy snuggling him, too. I know Q will bombard you with questions, but she’s missed you a lot.  I have sodas in the kitchen if you’re thirsty, or Aunt Kiko brought Christmas blend coffee if you want me to pour you a cup?

It’s been a hectic year for us all, I know.  So much has happened, and I know sometimes it leaves us feeling a little lost and confused, but it’s okay… let Mama give you hugs and love on you.  The older boys aren’t much for hugs and snuggles, but I know you’ll indulge me. Let me get a good look at you. You’re so strong, so perfect and I adore you.

We’ve all been waiting for your arrival, I’ve been up since before dawn getting dinner ready for everyone.  It’s the one tradition we’ve passed down in the family. Mama gets up at dawn and starts cooking while everyone else sleeps.  The ham is going to be perfect this year, I think I’ve finally mastered the glaze, haha!  I also have your favorite dessert to serve after dinner, so hands off until then!  We’ve got some great gifts as well, and let’s not forget I’ve got “A Christmas Story” ready to watch before dinner!  I know you guys think it’s silly when I’m chanting “It was- soap poisoning!” in the kitchen while quoting the movie, Mama is a bit silly like that. Yes, I’ve got the eggnog ready for the toast, too. Thankfully, your dad remembered to get it from the store the other day, I forgot to when I went to go get whipped cream! I hope someday, you will get a chance to lead the holiday charge and host the family dinner, too.  I knew that the last year Great-Grandma was still with us that it would soon be my turn, and in time, it will be yours, too! It’s okay to feel nervous about it, your grandmother teased me so much when I worried about killing the ham, it goes unsaid that first year wasn’t perfect, but we all were happy because we were together.  And you are together with us, because now, you’re family.

My darling child, I know this year has been a tough one, and I am so glad that you’re still okay.  I just wanted to take a moment to tell you, you are loved. You are perfect. You are cherished. Life won’t get easier, but you will get stronger.  You are so brave and I just don’t have words to express how proud of you I am.

So be at peace my sweet child and know you are loved,

Many Blessings for a brighter new year,

~ Mama Ravenna


  1. Sam says:

    I’m an only child and have always wanted siblings to play with so this letter gave me some good feelings about that <3 I know it's your tradition to get up super early and cook while the rest of the house sleeps but I hope you don't mind me giving you a hand in the kitchen. I'm no chef but I'll help where I can because that's what I like doing! And also so I get to try some of the food first 🙂 Thank you Mama Ravenna for this lovely letter and taking me and others like me in as your holiday child <3

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Sam,

      I’m glad you found us! You are always welcome here when you need some hugs or a quiet place to relax.

    • Mama Ravenna says:


      We’re glad to have you here, and your holiday brothers and cousins love having you with us! You are always welcome to help in the kitchen, that’s how we learn to lead the holiday charge, we get up and we learn by Mama’s hands guiding you. Much love to you and a blessed Christmas!

  2. Jayden L says:

    Hi my name is Jayden, I’m 16 and a trans male. My home life is not terrible I haven’t been kicked out.. my mom still pretends that I’m not dealing with stuff, that me being trans is just a trend that I’m following, (after 2 years now) she tells me I have “demons” that I’m fighting, I probably do but that’s not why I came out to her, I expected her to understand because we used to be close, that’s different now. She rarely pays attention to me. My holidays are going to be bland and upsetting this year since my extended family has no clue. I have to accept the very gendered gift they give me with a fake smile.. my mom doesn’t want me telling them. Anyways I really enjoyed this post so much, I wish had a supportive loving mother like you. And I wish you happy holidays.

    • Kyle says:

      Dear Jayden,
      Happy holidays! It can be difficult being around people who don’t really get you, but you know in your heart who you really are. During this holiday season, remember that there is a whole group of Holiday Parents right here who accept you and cherish you for who you are and who you are meant to be. If you need a real smile, think of us.

      Your Holiday Dad,

    • Mama Ravenna says:


      You are perfect as you are, and I would have you no other way. Try your best not to let unsupported family get you down, and I will make sure to think of you on Christmas and to ask that you be blessed in the coming year. Happy Holidays dear one!

  3. brian k says:

    thank you for this. i started to get teary eyed because i actually felt like i was in your home.

    • Brigid says:

      Hey Brian, It’s okay to get misty-eyed. Shows you have a kind heart!
      It sure is a lovely letter and we are glad it has touched you. So glad you found this website. I hope you’ll drop by again. Much love!

    • Mama Ravenna says:


      You are welcome in my holiday home. It’s okay, I offer you digital hugs and love, and it is my fervent hope that this gives you the feeling of belonging. Be blessed and have a happy holiday! Much love dear one.

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