Your Holiday Mom: Mama Hutch

Hello lovely,  it’s mama Hutch here to say hi.

I’m excited to welcome you into our family at Christmas time.

There are a lot of us to meet in our Lounge today. There’s me –  the mom, and my husband . This year is a little different though. You are here with us! And we are so pleased you joined us.

Our three children are all grown up now. The eldest will be with us all and also for the first time,  like you … his new girlfriend ! So no need for either of you two to be shy. She seems sweet and has blue hair .

Christmas day after lunch they are leaving to go to her family and my son is excited to meet them.  We will have fun before this opening gifts maybe , small things but we try to remember each other’s likes. I hope you have a list for Santa too !

My second son just got married !! They are a lovely couple and the wedding was so special, real old fashioned white one.  (Don’t think number 1 will be anything like that tho if they tie the knot. ) They are going too to visit the new in laws ! Hope they have a fun time.

So you,  me, dad, grandma and my daughter who’s at university can sit round and look at the Christmas trees and lights and enjoy all being together. You are here with us smiling and joking. You are such a great person and I can see the love in your heart.i do go to town a little bit at Xmas and I’m blessed that we have a tree with family ornaments on it, So every year we buy a small cheap ornament , may be on a day trip , and it goes on the tree! The nice thing is people who have left us have given baubles over the years so we remember them . You will have to add one too!

You’ll love Grandma. She is 82 years old and wears red nails and high heeled shoes! She tells lots of  stories of when she was a model!!

So we eat Turkey, no vegetarians here but i could do a mean nut roast ,with all sorts of veg and mashed potatoes and you will have to set the table with my daughter. You will have to realise that she is boss though lol. The table is just so! The colours have to match. But it’s ok to change some things as I like a change now and then to the style.

After dinner we could play games if you like. Board games, unwrapping the parcel wearing oven gloves ! The prizes are pretty poor but there’s chocolate on some of them !

Then relax and let the good digest. We play guitar and sometimes do karaoke. I’m amazing at it, of course lol, well I think so, but the microphone gets pulled away quickly! I can imagine you joining in. If you’re  not singing just clapping along. You are surrounded with warmth and happiness and people who care.

And so to sleep. I’m hoping you have sweet dreams and enjoyed our Christmas day together and the lights fill up your heart.

Im not such a soppy person but xmas is fun and does make you think about love and happiness! And those thoughts are sent to you from all of us as we are thinking about you . Not just at christmas but every day.  Sending you happy festive thoughts to keep. May be we will get snow ! Mwah !

Mama Hutch


    • Mama Hutch says:

      Hi Neron.
      I’m so glad you feel happy in our company and I hope that it made you feel warm, happy and included. Because thats how we all feel about you.

      I hope you have a lovely holiday period and your dreams come true x

      You are always welcome xxx

      Hugs Mama H xx

  1. Zaquiel says:

    Reading this makes me wish I could spend Christmas with you and your family Mama Hutch. It sounds like so much fun especially the karaoke. I Don’t have any such joy to look forward too, just the inevitable arguments and heartache that mark the passing of the yuletide season with my family.

    • Mama Hutch says:

      Hi Zaquiel.

      Christmas can be a hard time, but believe me when I say you are in our hearts and we will be thinking of you fondly during the holidays.
      What song do you want me to sing for you on our Karaoke?

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