Your Holiday Mom: Mama Carol

Welcome home,come in and take off those snowy boots, and gloves. We put them by the fire. They are always nice and warm when we venture out again. Would you like something warm to drink? Anything you want is most likely here for you. I always have delicious hot mulled cider and cocoa with real whipped cream.

Lets sit and relax. Maybe you would like to share a Holiday memory with me?  I know this time of year brings many feelings to the surface. I am a really good listener. I would love to learn more about your life experiences that are part of who you are today.

May I tell you about my favorite Holiday? It Happened forty years ago. Seems like another lifetime ago.  It was December of 1977 when I received the most beautiful gift ever.  She weighed 9lbs,12oz. They brought her to my bedside. I was filled with mystical wonder and then realized she came with no instructions.  She gave me purpose and a new identity.  I was now a mother.

Since then our holiday begins with her birthday celebration, I would love for you to stay I could use your help in convincing her that turning forty is not the end of the world. My daughter still insists that I make shepherd’s pie for her birthday dinner. There has to be chocolate cake and ice cream too. You will hear my coffee grinder as I am very particular about my coffee. Must be rich and fresh.

Did I tell you my daughter has two boys? Yes I have two grandson’s that will be joining us. My grandson’s love to join my husband in coming up with puns. It’s a really big “dill” as Charlie says. Ok so I warned you about the “puns” I better warn you about our 90 lb Golden. We have a difficult time restraining him from opening gifts that are not his. We’ll do our best!.  I do love how excited he gets when I hang his stocking. You know you have a stocking also. Everyone has one, and yes there is always a delicious gingerbread man at the top! I no longer bake them, fortunately I get them at an awesome local bakery. Everyone is happy about that!

I hope you enjoy my Dicken’s Village as much as I do. It really comes to life at night when the lights are on. No one believes that I can hear them singing Carols, but I do. The Village reminds me that the most hardened hearts can mysteriously open for love to enter.

Including you in my life is bringing so much joy! I’m a big believer that gratitude brings even more joy so thank-you for telling me your memories and listening to my favorite one.  Happy Holidays. I will hold you in my heart throughout the coming year!


Mama Carol