Your Holiday Mom: Auntie Bec

Hi Sweetheart,

Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!  But around here, we’re pretty equal-opportunity:  So… Happy light-the-candles, sing-the-songs, eat- the-food, be-surrounded-by-love, in the darkest season, on the coldest nights!

If only you were here, I’d give you one of those big, almost-too-long, almost-too-squeezy, rocking-back-and-forth-a-little hugs (only if you want one, of course) to make sure you know how glad I am to see you.  Then I’ll try to feed you, and bug you to set down your things and make yourself comfortable.  Don’t mind if you spot a dust bunny, and the boys’ toys will probably be all over the floor again …  Sometimes it’ll be loud here, sometimes quiet, but always glad to see you.  Admire the tree, and maybe say that the food smells good? Can I get you anything?  Want to read the boys a story? It’s hard when family is far away.  Did I tell you how glad I am you’re here?

Our part of Colorado isn’t usually all that snowy, but here’s hoping for a white Christmas anyway. We’re going to stay close to home this year.  But we’ll cram in as many celebrations as possible: lighting Hanukkah candles, frying latkes for a small party, ripping open presents, putting up a tree and turning on the fairy lights every night, baking cookies for Santa, and answering every question about what we think Santa’s doing RIGHT NOW.  Jump in and add any details you’ve got to the story, the more the better, just expect to answer MORE questions!  The five year old has an endless number.

Then on Christmas Eve, special stories, maybe even some hot cocoa, then bedtime, and sneaky-quiet filling the little guys’ stockings, and hopefully waking to the five year old hopping around in pure excitement! The one and half year old doesn’t quite understand, but if his big brother is excited, he is too! It’s hard not to spoil them rotten, I love picking out just the right presents for everyone.  I hope someday they understand that Santa is really an overflow of the love in this season, but for now we’re building holiday traditions and wonder and magic.  We’ve got plenty of that for you too, and an extra stocking or two!

I know it is cheesy, but we are really grateful you’re around.  That’s really what this is about, being grateful for love, for warmth, and for light, in a season when we’re hoping the sun will just come back.  So even if this is a dark season for you (and the holidays can really get dark); know that the sun is coming back! You are personally bringing light into our lives (and others too, more than you can know!) and making this world a better place just by being here. I’m proud of you, and I love you just as you are,

You holiday mom, Auntie Bec


  1. felix says:

    i dont really know how to start off with this and i appolagise in advance if i rant i tend to get off topic (like im doing right now woops) reading your letter really warmed my heart and i guess im a little bumbed out that my family isnt as accepting as you guys and i hope we can fit in one of my traditions for christmas every christmas eve we watch Buddy The Elf strictly on christmas eve haha well now on to the not so great stuff my family isnt the best to say the least i came out to my ma in 8th grade as gay and im a sophmore now so yeah its been a couple years and you’d think she’d get around but nope nothin then again we are hispanic so i dont expect her to come around any time soon i also came out to my friends freshman year and i lost a lot of them i went from around 11 or 12 to just 3 friends but i realize thats all i’ll ever need and i couldnt ask for better friends its also been hard because one of my closets friends died hes not human though he was my horse Muze i loved him so so so much my sisters (both older than me) just kinda ignore me and my dad god knows what he’d do to me lets just say he likes his alchohol and im scared because i think hes suspecting that im gay i guess what im trying to say is that even though more than half my days are mostly negative im glad i come across some small things that brighten them so thank you i would love to have a family like yours it seems so perfect you have no idea how much this helps thank you

    • Auntie Bec says:

      Dear Felix, I’m so glad you came! I’m going to find our copy of Buddy the Elf right now, so it’ll be ready, and we’ll light a candle for Muze too; friends are friends. I’m sorry you don’t feel safe and accepted right now where you are, but thank you for being yourself!

      I hope as time passes that you get to have more choices of where to be, and who to be, and who to be with. You’re right, true friends are the best, but it stings to lose the less brave ones. You’ve got a hard path to walk, sweetheart, but there are people all around you cheering for you! We’re far from perfect, but we love you.

      Meanwhile, be safe, be brave and keep looking for the bright spots! Hugs, Auntie Bec

      • felix says:

        Thank you so much for replying it really made my day seeing this youre honestly so kind I hope you and your family have a merry christmas!

  2. Kayelynn says:

    I cant even begin to explqin how much this letter means to me… it just makes me so happy, to the point where i tear up, to think about all of the honest joy and love you and your family have. Holidays are such a dark time for me, but im grateful that you understand, and youre so willing to share so much… Tonight was so difficult for me, to the point where I really was about to do something permanent, and I came across your letter and it just made me feel a million times better. Made me feel okay. So really thank you so much because youve helped me more than I think you realize.

    • Auntie Bec says:

      Oh Kayelynn! You’re part of my joy! Thank you for having the bravery to keep going into the dark, and to come here and be part of this. You are more than okay, you are wonderful and strong. Sending you love, light and hugs, Auntie Bec

    • Mama Hutch says:

      I’m so glad you feel so much better. These are lovely letters and all meant from the heart x

  3. Mama Jen says:

    Penny, this time of the year can be tough for so many. We got you, and we all have each other. It is a beautiful thing.

  4. penny says:

    Thank you for this , being alone hurts this time of year and this site always makes me cry because I can be a part of something .

    • Auntie Bec says:

      Hi Penny, I’m glad you’re part of this site, and even more glad you’re part of this world. Happy holidays and big hugs, Auntie Bec

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